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Technical Integration

Although Jobg8 has developed a sophisticated trading platform that integrates with your site, we have developed an integration process that is straight forward and simple to implement.

We have helped thousands of boards, often with unique requirements, join the Jobg8 network. We are confident that we can quickly and effectively accommodate your needs as well.

The technical documents available below provide the details that you and your technical team may wish to review in advance of our implementation call.

Receive Jobs

If you are interested in taking selected postings from the network, you will find our feed to be a fairly standard XML file. We will then work with you to determine your preference on how you would like the file delivered. If you have experience with taking file feeds from other sources, the Jobg8 file should be fairly similar.

Service Description Document Link
Receive Jobs from Jobg8
Standard technical integration document
Received Job  Values
The details of the job posting values you will receive in the XML file
Sub Classification Mappings Define your own sub classification Receive Jobs - Sub Classification Mappings
Received Job Mapping Values
Provide us with your job posting values so we are able to map our values to them
Receive Jobs - Mapping Values
Collect your activity
Web Service - Request the details for the applications you have provided to the network along with your candidate data.

Post Jobs

If you would like to purchase applications for certain postings from the Jobg8 marketplace, you will also find our XML format to be fairly standard. Jobg8 will help to tailor your data feed to seamlessly integrate with all the other feeds from other clients so that a standard format is presented to the network members who want to receive that type of content. Again, we can easily work our delivery methods and timing to fit your operation.

Service Description Document Link
Post Jobs to Jobg8
Standard technical integration document
Job Posting Values
Provide us with your job values so we are able to map them to our database
Collect your activity
Web Service - Request your application activity and costs from our database
Manual Job Posting

If you would prefer not to complete technical integration at this time but would still want to post a limited number of positions into the network, we do provide an online facility via your Jobg8 login that will enable you to post jobs to Jobg8. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Candidate Services

If you are purchasing candidates from us you can easily automate the collection of all of the candidate details including their CV/Resume from our web services.

Service Description Document Link
Buying Candidates
Web Service - Request your buying candidate data from our database

Receiving Courses

Service Description Document Link
Course Iframe Integration
Integrate the Jobg8 Training Course iframe and widget into a webpage
Course API
This course API provides real time search and enquiry functionality for courses within the Jobg8 network
Collect your activity
Web Service - Request course enquiries that you have generated from our database

Advertising Courses

Service Description Document Link
Import Courses
Standard technical document for importing courses onto the Jobg8 network
Import Courses - Spreadsheet
Standard course import spreadsheet